Linghui Li

Cabinet of Curiosities

How to: Reflect your living style in a pop-up space?

“Home is where one starts from.”-T.S. Eliot. Home is imperative as it is a direct reflection of your living style. It is not just a place to sleep but it makes a statement of who you really are. The way you place your side table or the color in your living room are all conscious choices that express your beliefs and lifestyle. Keeping that in mind, Cabinet of Curiosities is a combination of personal preferences and a functional flea market.

In terms of interior design, the project falls into the category of narrative environment. Space invites different people to duplicate their own homes and sell their products. Physically being in the surroundings may increase the capacity to understand or feel what they were experiencing. It is a role play where the buyer has the opportunity to place himself/herself in the situation before purchases.

Claiming your identity
“We use our homes to make purposeful and deliberate statements about ourselves.”

Choosing our thoughts and feelings

“This is also something we can do deliberately to our space, but the goal here is to make us think about certain things and feel a certain way.”

Traces of behavior

“This is the subconscious way we affect our space. Like Sherlock Holmes looking for evidence of criminal behaviors, someone’s home shows evidence of normal everyday behavior, which can tell me something about who they are."