Linghui Li

Hidden Stage

How can we provide spaces for buskers and street performers?

Buskers are part of urban planning, it is a way to promote a city’s liveliness, welling being and cultural development. Their performances are interactive; it is the only form of live art that is created and consumed by both the artists and viewers. The benefits that buskers can bring to the city are more than just a great show. It then became crucial to assist the busker crowds to create a safe and open public space.

The outdoor space would be interchangeable, from hidden space to an open stage, from 2D flat surfaces to masses. We are hoping to let buskers to freely work with the mixed-use urban spaces.

From the device, all pedestrians become part of the performances. By using the device, buskers can attract more viewers to celebrate the art, love, humour of our cities. When it is not in used, the device is hardly noticeable. The device would shine with the buskers and create crowds and shared an unique cultural experience. Unlike the traditional form of art, street performance is like a beautiful accident that brings joy to the city.